We are one of the largest exporter of apron, the apron are of different varieties and as per the needs of the customer.The varieties of apron which we deal has been one of the USP for our company as it completely matches the requirements of the customer.
Gloves exported by Laksh Apparels has been one of the finest in the industry. They are of high quality and matches the needs of all the customers in the industry.

Every industry has different requirements, even gloves used for personal use is also different.We export the gloves which matches the industrial and personal requirements.
A placemat unlike the larger table cloth covers the entire surface and these are made from many different materials. To protect, decorate, entertain or advertise these placemats are used for both the local and traditional purposes.
Table Runner
Tablerunner is one of the decorative items used at homes . It creates the perfect dining mood where the table runners are available in exclusive colors and patterns from traditional to exotic.
Cushion are available in different varieties which includes velvet, embroidery, sheepskin, metallic, chambray, linen and faux fur.With the large elements of mix and match fabrics, shapes, prints and colours one can customize their own individual look.

These cushions are very comfortable and one can relax on these cushions whenever they want to .
Cushion Covers
Cushion covers should be attractive , have aesthetic appeal so that the customers can feel comfortable.
Table Cloth
Table cloths are used to cover the table. This helps in protecting the table from any possible scratches, stains and are completely designed to display the tableware .The table cloths form an integral element of the home decoration.

These table cloths provide an appealing look to the bare plates and other cutlery .These table cloths completely matches with the rest of the furniture as well as other components of the dining space.
The curtains are of varied colours and we provide the curtains as per the needs . Curtains makes the unique statement in a dull room also. With the smooth texture and finest quality silk, these gorgeous silk curtains give an elegant look to make the room look beautiful.